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Lighthaus : 7 Mistakes You Should Never Make With Scented Candles-Lighthaus Candle

Lighthaus : 7 Mistakes You Should Never Make With Scented Candles

Scented Candles are like tiny miracles that can make your home warm and welcoming with their enthralling aroma and candlelight. The right fragrance can trigger your emotions, set the ambiance of a party or just make you feel better. Earlier, having an electrical connection and a bulb was the sign of rich but now having high-end scented candles in your home is the new sign of luxury. Now luxury brands are also coming up with their fine fragrance candles and people are literally going gaga over them. But no matter how cute these candles look, you have to be very precise and careful while dealing with them. No matter whatever you do but here are 7 disastrous mistakes that you should never make with scented candles:
1. Using a Scented Candle to Mask Odors
Did you cook Chinese for dinner and your home still smells like freshly cut garlic? Or does your dogs stink even after taking numerous attempts of making them odor free? And the brightest idea you got was to light up a scented candle to mask the odors? Hope that you realized that it was a huge mistake! When you light up a scented candle just to mask some odor, you will only end up with a mixed version of the fragrance and the odor you’re trying to hide. What you should do is open the windows and turn on the fans to blow out the odor and then light up a scented candle to freshen up the air.
2. Buying Cheap Scented Candles
Trust us with this one and don’t get carried away when you see scented candles on sale or with a low price tag. That’s because cheaper candles contain low-quality wax and chemical based fragrance oils that could be hazardous to your health. This is the one thing you should get straight to your head, premium quality scented candles will never come at a lower price because they are made with premium quality materials. And the prices go up if you shop for natural soy or beeswax candles. 
3. Forgetting The Purpose of Your Room
Each area in your home serves a purpose and reflects a particular theme, so whenever you’re picking up a scent for a particular room, please keep its purpose in mind. Just like when you go shopping, you pick your dresses according to the occasion and match the accessories accordingly, it goes the same while selecting scented candles for each room.
Living Room – The living room is the place where you chit-chat with your friends and family members, so it has to be more warm and welcoming. Pick up some warm fragrances for your living room like cinnamon sticks or mahogany or teakwood.
Bedroom – The right fragrance for your bedroom could be rose for setting up a romantic ambiance, just in case you’re single or have issues while falling asleep then a relaxing lavender scented candle would be just the right option for you.
Bathroom – Bathroom is supposed to be fresh, so it’s better to pick fresh or citrus fragrances. You can opt for an ocean breeze scented candle that smells like the Hawaiian Islands.
4. Forgetting About The Season
You don’t wear sweatshirts in summer, right? This goes the same with your candles, choose fresh and cool fragrances like peppermint and orange for summers, floral fragrances like jasmine and lavender for spring, oriental fragrances like oud and bergamot for autumn and warm fragrances like cinnamon sticks for winter.
5. Burning More Than Two Candles In One Room
Candles are like tequila shots, one is good, two are always better but a third one will make you feel miserable. Three candles in a medium or small sized room will make you feel sick, it might also irritate your olfactory senses. So, it’s always better to burn one candle for 2-3 hours before adding up another one.
6. Forgetting To Blow Out Your Candles While Leaving Your Home
It’s a fact of common sense but some people still forget to turn off the lights, fans, stoves or candles while leaving their home. So, it’s always a better idea to extinguish the candle before you leave your home or go to bed. Also, keep the candles away from tablecloths, drapes, and bedding. Always use a metal coaster or candle holder before placing candles on the table.
7. Putting Back The Lids
Ever wondered why there is a lot of dust on your scented jar candles? It’s because you forgot to put the lid back after extinguishing them. In case of candles that come with a lid, it’s always better to put the lid back once the candles have cooled down. It will save your candles from losing the aroma while keeping them clean.
We hope that our pro-suggestions to save you from making disastrous candle mistakes will help you because prevention is better than cure. Looking for some scented candles that will make your home warm and comfy in this cold weather? Our warmly scented cinnamon stick candles will be the perfect pick you, browse through the entire range at


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