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Lighthaus : 5 Essential Ways to Attract Positive Vibes in Your Home!

It’s the 21st century and everyone is lost in the city chaos, we are so busy in 9 to 5 or maybe 9 to 9 that we just collapse on our beds after reaching home. Home is the most relaxing place after a tiring day, it’s the only place where we find solace and peace. But the vibes in the outside world are so negative that often people carry them to their homes, whether it is work pressure, anxiety or stress, we all go home with that baggage. Is this something that we really deserve? Of course not. Your home should be like a sacred sanctuary where you find your calm and forget all your worries.

If you have been feeling that your home doesn’t feel like home anymore, you feel restless and unable to unwind then here are some tried and tested ways to bring positivity to your home:

Say Hello To Nature

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Indoor plants will not only add a nature-inspired outlook to your home but it will help you in relaxing while spreading positive vibes. Nature comes with other benefits as well; they enhance the air quality by producing oxygen, increase your concentration power and soothe your eyes. This is a savior for those who do not have time to go and explore nature as they can bring in nature to their home. 

Keep The Space Clutter-Free


Keep The Space Clutter-Free- Lighthauscandle


You already indulge yourself in a chaotic atmosphere all the time, there’s no need to live in a chaotic space. Don’t stack up your home with unnecessary furniture and try to do your household chores daily, a dirty home attracts negative vibes. A cluttered home will feed clutter to your mind, whereas a neat and clean home will also reduce the cluttered thoughts from your mind. If you are too busy the entire week, then try to denote one day for cleaning up the mess. Maybe you can ask your better half and kids for some help and reward them with lip-smacking food.

Don’t Forget To Unplug


Don’t Forget To Unplug- Lighthauscandle

We live in a world we are constantly plugged to our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops but according to many researchers, this impacts our physical, emotional and mental health. Researches also showed that using electronic devices before bed can mess up with your sleep. So you have to make sure that you turn off the virtual world after getting back to your home and connect with real people. How much does it cost to have lunch or dinner with your family without scrolling through your phone? Technically, mobile phones were discovered so that we could stay in touch with our dear ones but now it’s vice versa.

Add Fragrance to Your Home

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Do you even know why people have been burning candles and incense sticks since ancient times? Because candlelight brings a warm and luminescent, are mainly used during prayers, represent peace and incense sticks make your home smell good while shooing away the negativity. If you are not a fan of incense sticks, then you can opt for some scented candles. The aroma will help you relax and help you attain peace of mind.

Have Gratitude

Gratitude turns what we have into enough


 As they say “A Great World Cannot Be Built By Ungrateful People”, always be grateful for what you have because every time you complain about something, someone else is praying for that thing. Always say “thank you” to everyone and never go angry to sleep. Always thank god for not sleeping with an empty stomach, for having clean clothes to wear, a roof over your head and for having a loving family.

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