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Lighthaus : How to Get Rid of Negative Energy from Your Home, Body, and Mind?

Sometimes, you go through some periods in your life that make you feel low, don’t know why but you can’t just find any particular reason behind this, you just go through constant negative or bad moods. Or there are times when you feel this when you enter a particular place like your home or office, ever been like you’re all happy and cheerful the whole day and that energy goes down right after you enter your home. You just head towards your room and do not wish to have dinner with your family or get into an unnecessary argument with them? This happens with all of us at certain times, and all these are just the signs that an aspect in your life is continuously dragging you down. It basically comes from the place that you spend your most time in or things you over think about in a day; it could be a poor work environment, unhealthy relationship with friends and lover or it could be an unsatisfying relationship with your own self. Instead of spending time on finding the root cause, just start with yourself and your home, rest will follow. Some tips to keep the negative energy at bay:

  1. It Starts With You

positive vibes, positive thinking

You can’t change everything around you but you can change your perception and thoughts about them. As they say, every action does not need a reaction, stop reacting to things that do not deserve your reaction because when you react to bullshit, the bullshit gets back to you. Like you’re having a really good day and something bad happens, just flip your thoughts to the brighter side because you can’t go back and change it, what you can do is accept things the way they are and change your outlook on things.

  1. Bring in Some Fresh Air

Bring in Some Fresh Air

You will definitely feel negative vibes if there’s no ventilation in your house, open all of your windows and doors for a while. If you can’t open all the windows or doors, at least open the ones that allow some ventilation. Staying at a place that has no fresh air can attract a lot of negative energy and that can be suffocating. When you bring in fresh air in your home, it freshens up your home moves the negative energy out.

  1. Sea Salt

Sea salt

Sea salt is most commonly used in Feng Shui as it helps in getting rid of negative energy from your home or body. You can keep it in different areas of your home, add it to the mopping water or put sea salt in clear glass bowls and place them in northeast and southwest directions. Just replace them every month, to remove negative energy from your body you can put sea salt or Himalayan salt to the bathing water, it will definitely cleanse out all bad energy.


  1. Make Your Surroundings Smell Nice

Make Your Surroundings Smell Nice

 Smell is very important, ever wondered you feel bad or disgusted when you come in contact with bad smells? That’s because of course, they stink but bad odors also attract bad energy. So, always keep your surroundings smell fresh and nice all the time, you can burn scented candles. Good scents uplift your mood and candlelight promotes positive energy, you can burn them in corners of your home and prayer rooms. Choose midnight jasmine candles for prayer rooms since jasmine represents purity and has a divine energy, it is one of the angelic fragrances, you can also place a Buddha statue along with scented candles for more positivity.

  1. Remove or Repair Broken Things

If you have broken things in your home then it’s high time to get them repaired or replace them. Old or broken things keep the negative energy stuck in your home, this is why you should never keep broken things in your home for long.

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