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Scented Candles in Glasses - Assorted Pack of 4

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Product Contains : 4 Scented Candles in Glasses

Each Candle Measures : 2 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height

Burn Time : Upto 15 Hours each

Wax Contents :  50 grams each

Fragrances Included Vanilla Caramel, Rose and Peony, Jasmine Green Tea and French Lavender

French Lavender: Bring the aroma of blooming lavender flowers to your home with our French lavender fragrance. The naturally herbaceous fragrance will put you in a relaxed mood while keeping anxieties and restlessness at bay.


English Rose: Reignite the lost charm in your relationship with our English Rose fragrance, the intoxicating aroma of fresh cut roses will set the right tone for a perfect romantic evening or night. So, take a break to spend some intimate moments with your partner.


Green Tea Jasmine: Take some breaks throughout your day and unwind from the chaos with our Green Tea Jasmine Fragrance, blessed with refreshing notes of green tea combined with a tinge of sweet jasmine. The aroma will rejuvenate your senses while bringing your mind, body, and soul to peace.


Vanilla Caramel: If you have a sweet tooth then you will surely love this tempting aroma of vanilla caramel, which is sure to make your home smell like a bakery. The blend of buttery caramel and rich vanilla will tickle your senses and you won’t be able to resist the temptation.