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The Art of Pausing Fragrance Book - Gift Set with 9 Candles

Lighthouse Candle

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The Art of Pausing Fragrance Book - Gift Set with 9 Candles is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Product Includes: 9 Exotic Scented Candle Votives and 3 Mercury Glass Holders


Are you always stressed, tired and running high with anxieties, no matter where you are?

Every fragrance in this book has been meticulously designed to help you “take a pause” from the mindless never ending race to always achieve something in life. These fragrances will complement your every “pause” and take you on an aromatic journey that will uplift your mood and senses allowing you to realign your thoughts, and shift them to the present moment and re-evaluate what truly matters to you in life.

Poured with natural wax blends, premium ingredients and all cotton wicks, it makes a great gift for yourself or your family or friends. 

Scents included in the box:

Seduce (Oud Nights): A warm, spicy and mystic blend that stimulates the emotions to enhance sensuality and emotional connectivity.

Sleep (French Lavender): A naturally herbaceous fragrance to put you in a relaxed mood while keeping anxieties and restlessness at bay.

Travel (Walk on the Beach): A scent to evoke the memory of beach sand rubbing against your feet and the waves skimming your legs while a warm breeze is ruffling your hair as the sun caresses your salted skin.

Unwind (Jasmine green Tea): Blessed with refreshing notes of green tea combined with a tinge of sweet jasmine, the aroma will rejuvenate your senses while bringing your mind, body, and soul to peace.

Indulge (Vanilla Caramel): Tempting aroma of buttery caramel and rich vanilla to make your home smell like a bakery.

Love (Rose & Peony): The intoxicating aroma of fresh cut roses and peonies to set the right tone for a perfect romantic evening with your partner.

Kick-Back (Oud & Bergamot): A deep, comforting and warm fragrance with notes of smoky and sweet tobacco leaf and fresh citrus notes of bergamot. 

Meditate (Lemon Sandalwood): A grounding diffusion blend recipe featuring sandalwood and lemon oils to increase alertness and help you manage anxiety.

Party (Merlot Wine): A wonderful aroma of red merlot wine to allow you to kick-back after that hectic day and put you in a relaxed mood.