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Fiesta Jar Scented Candle with Pure Natural Wax - Oud Nights Aroma

Lighthouse Candle

Rs. 699.00 Regular price Rs. 999.00

Candle Measures : 2.8 inch in diameter and 4 inches in height

Oud Nights - A smoky, woody, with slight aphrodisiac notes, our Oud Nights fragrance is hugely popular in the Middle East and in India, and has a mythic reputation. But the stories aren’t the only mysterious thing about this fragrance. The seduction and magic it will create in your home is equally unique.

Pure Natural Wax: Not only will these Natural wax candles burn cleaner and longer, they also do not leave dark, sooty stains on your walls and ceiling that are so common among paraffin wax candles. With natural wax candles paired with our mesmerising fragrances, you can create the ambiance you desire, making your home a sanctuary you are eager to return to.