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5 Brilliant Ways to Jazz up your Home with Votives

There’s something magical about things that emit light whether it’s a ray of sunshine, majestic fireflies or moonlight. The light tells a story that everyone is keen to listen, it’s something more than just to lighten up the spaces – it captivates the soul and brings joy to those who are seeking it. But there’s no way that you can illuminate your home with fireflies, sunshine or moonlight whenever you want but rather you can add a tinge of magical spark with votive candles.

Votive candles have been there for a long time and now they have become a necessity or décor element in every home, wedding, event or party. The market is flooded with these candles, whether it’s scented or unscented ones. Plain glass votives are getting too mainstream nowadays and interior designers are introducing designer glass votives with a splash of metallic tones and eye-pleasing colors. If you are looking to bring a new dimension to your home, then you can surely achieve it with the help of votives. Here are some creative ways to incorporate votive candles in your home

1. Turn Basic Walls into Centerpieces


Gone are the days when walls were decorated with family photographs and shelves with decorative items. They are being replaced by creative wall centerpieces, statement mirrors, chic wall lamps and wall candle holders. If you have a basic wall in the middle of a stairway or living room then you can make that wall the center of attraction. Just hang an artistic wall sconce candle holder, which is capable enough of holding glass votives and place glass votives inside the holders.


2.    Make Dining Experience Better

If you are hosting a gathering or family dinner at your home but didn’t get the time to decorate your home then we have got the last minute solution for you. Instead of decorating the entire home, add a centerpiece to your dining table because everyone would be focusing on what you’re serving in dinner.  An elegant votive candle holder in gold-tone topped by glass votives will absolutely look stunning and create a better ambiance while radiating warm light.

3.    Create Flickering Reflections in your Home

Who said that a candle’s purpose was only to provide you some light? Did you know? That mercury speckled glass votives and candle holders are ruling the home décor trends this season. These intricately designed décor accessories create amazing flickering reflections on walls and nearby surroundings. If you have some dull corners in your living spaces then mercury speckled glass votives in gold tone would be a perfect choice for you.

 4.    Bring the Elegance of Vintage Décor

If you have a home or a farmhouse with a vintage décor, then we have the perfect lighting accessory for you that will not only save your electricity bill but also add an elegant look to your home. Any guesses? We are talking about vintage candle chandeliers, you can go for the one which is made with iron as it is easily available. Just hang in your entryway or hallway and add some scented votive candles so that your guests are splashed with fresh aroma when they enter your home.

5.    Turn your Garden into a Fairytale Forest

We bet you love lounging in your garden whether it’s a breezy morning or chilling night. You can make this experience more mesmerizing by decorating your garden with hanging glass votives. If you have a tree in your garden then you can hang them on its branches and if not then you can hang them on fences or boundaries. You can shop for hanging glass votive holders and drop in some fragranced votive candles, midnight jasmine scented candles will surely turn your garden into a bewitching fairytale forest.

If you are a décor enthusiast and would love to experiment with glass votives in your home then browse through Lighthaus Candle at www.lighthauscandle.com, featuring an extensive range of glass votives and votive candles.

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