Lighthaus : 5 Things to Help You While Differentiating Between an Aromatherapy and a Scented Candle-Lighthaus Candle

Lighthaus : 5 Things to Help You While Differentiating Between an Aromatherapy and a Scented Candle

The market is flooded with scented candles and many people get confused between aromatherapy and scented candles. Some candle makers or sellers lurk people into buying scented candles claiming that they are aromatherapy candles but there’s a huge difference between both of them. So, let us tell you about all the factors that will help you in differentiating between both of them:

1. Types of Fragrance Oils

There are two types of fragrance candles, the ones that are scented with natural essential oils (aromatherapy candles), the other ones are scented with synthetic fragrance oils (scented candles).  An aromatherapy candle can also be recognized by a subtle mild fragrance with a floral, herbal or a plant like an essence. Whereas scented candles are created with synthetic fragrance oils, the fragrance is pure artificial just like your bath and beauty products or body perfumes. But some candle makers try to con people by putting 49% chemical based and 51% essential oil blends in their candles and then claims the candles to contain therapeutic benefits of an aromatherapy candle. People who are allergic to chemical fragrances may experience irritation in their olfactory system after smelling these candles.

2. Types of Wax Blends

Scented candles are generally made of different type of wax blends that may be solely paraffin or a blend of natural waxes and paraffin wax. Aromatherapy candles are supposed to be made up of 100% soy, vegetable or palm wax. Because natural waxes come with a low melting point, these candles are generally available in candle jars and do not look much aesthetically appealing. How some candle makers fool you is, they use 51% natural wax and 49% artificial waxes and claim the candle to be made from natural wax “blend".

3. Don’t Let the Strong Scent Throw Fool You!

This one point is of utmost importance and you might get tempted to buy a candle just because it has a scent throw when you take a cold whiff. We are talking about strong scent throw since we already told you that aromatherapy candles are supposed to contain natural essential oils with a natural fragrance, these fragrances are very subtle in nature and you might need to burn two or three candles together to get a good scent throw in a large room. Whereas a premium quality scented candle might lurk you in with its strong scent throw. So, the next time you take a whiff of a candle claiming to be aromatherapy approved and feel the fragrance hitting your olfactory senses too strongly, give some second thoughts before buying.

4. Natural Elements Do Not Release Smoke

Aromatherapy candles are made of natural essential oils and wax, so there are no chances of soot or smoke production in these candles. Aromatherapy candles are 100 % safe for health and hence, come with cleaner and longer burning hours. Whereas scented candles are not natural and they do create some smoke while burning, even if they’re of premium quality. You will also witness a poor quality aromatherapy candle creating smoke because of its chemical based fragrance oils and wax blends.

5. Because Luxury Comes At A High Price

Just in case you see yourself getting carried away on seeing a low price tag on a luxurious aromatherapy candle, please, think twice before buying it because the cost of making aromatic candles is pretty high. You don’t stand a chance to get them at economical prices. Read all the labels and ingredients present in the candle, keep your eyes open for the word “blend”, and thank us later.




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