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Lighthaus : 5 Unique Gift Ideas- Because Festive Season is Around The Corner

As you all know, it’s already October and that time of the year is around the corner. Do you even know which time are we even talking about? We are talking about the festive season, family get-togethers, celebrations, sweets, and gifts. This is the most awaited time by everyone throughout the year, but every year it comes with a new struggle. Any guesses? The struggle of finding the perfect gifts for everyone including your family members, friends, relatives, and co-workers is real, sometimes you come across so many options that you get confused and sometimes there are very fewer options. Do you recall yourself being a victim of this struggle? Here are some unique gift ideas to save you this festive season:

Potted Plants or Bonsai

Ditch the basics and gift your loved ones something that they will cherish for years. A plant is one of the most meaningful gifts because it represents new beginnings and life. Since, the air quality is going down that it’s affecting the air that we inhale even inside our homes, so people are now adding some indoor plants to their living spaces. You can go for normal indoor plants but if you want to make it exclusive then we suggest you opt for bonsai’s, they’re the miniature version of full-size trees but with the same qualities.

Decorative Scented Candles

 Gone are the days when candles were used just for lighting up space or during power cuts. As the time passed by, the meaning and definition of candles have also changed and they’re now having a wide variety and come with multiple benefits. Scented candles have now become an epitome of class and luxury and are considered to be one of the most thoughtful gifts. If solid colored scented candles appear too basic then you can opt for some chic decorative scented candles that come with an amazing aroma and look very fancy at the same time.

Antique Home Décor Accessories


There’s something about antique things, you know what? It’s their impeccable charm and timeless appeal. Have you ever noticed that antique stuff never goes out of trend and it carries a luxurious touch? As they say, old is gold. So, when it comes to gifting and you want to play it safe, we would suggest you opt for antique finish candle holders, wall hangings and spiritual idols.

Organic Handmade Goods

Organic and handmade goods are ruling everywhere this season, people are more interested in buying anything which is handcrafted and does not harm nature, and be it chocolates, cookies, greeting cards or ceramic goods. If you don’t know which, handmade stuff to buy then you can opt for simple handmade clay or terracotta tea sets, vases or dinner wear and wall arts.

Desk Clocks, Books and Exotic Coffee Bean Powder

If you’re choosing a gift for your workaholic friend or colleagues then it’s better to ditch the fancy things and opt for something more basic and useful. What about desk clocks, their favorite series of books or that book they’re been drooling over or a coffee maker along with their favorite brand’s coffee powder.

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