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Lighthaus : 7 Biggest Problems with Scented Candles, How to Fix Them?

When it comes to scented candles, they can turn any living spaces into a homely place, full of warmth. There are some people who have a lifestyle that involves scented candles, they’re like literally obsessed with them but there are some people who have had a bad experience while dealing with candles or some who resist from indulging because of some problems they overheard from people. But as we know all beautiful things come with their unique complications.

1. My Candle’s Flame Is Too Large?

Is your candle’s flame too large? A large flame usually has three drawbacks, first because of the large flame your candle must be burning very fast as more heat means it will consume more wax while decreasing the burning hours, second a large flame doesn’t actually look too great, and last but not the least, if the flame of a glass candle is too large then the extra heat might break the glass. If you have been witnessing this with your candles then extinguish them immediately.

  How to Fix It: There might be two causes of a larger flame, one is the wick might be too thick the second one could be the wick is too long. So, the best thing to practice would be trimming the wick ¼ inch before burning your candles.

2. Tunneling

One of the most common problems amongst candles is “tunneling”, this happens when a candle only burns from the middle while leaving wax residuals across the edges of the container, it also happens in the case of pillar candles. If you ignore tunneling in candles then after a while your candle might not burn because the wick won’t be probably having enough air to burn steadily and it will get drowned in the melted wax around it.

How to Fix It: The biggest cause of tunneling is shorter burn times, the first burn usually known as memory burn is very important. So, it’s very important to burn your candles for minimum two to three hours, for the first time just wait for the wax melt pool to reach the edges before extinguishing the candle. The other way is just to scrape out some wax around the candle wick with a butter knife. The other thing you can do with is “hugging”, just light up the candle wait for the outer part to soften and slowly stat folding the corners inwards with your hands. In case of glass candles, wrap foil paper around the glass from top to bottom and let the candle burn.

 3 My Candle Wick Looks Like A Mushroom (Mushrooming)

Mushrooming in candles is also a big problem as it leads to the production of smoke or soot in candles. This usually happens when you burn your candles for more than 4 hours continuously or your candles are placed in an area that has a lot of dust particles around it. A layer of incompletely combusted materials stay on the wick and build up a carbon cap on the top that is called a “mushroom”.

How to Fix It:  The first solution is – never burn your candles for more than 4 hours continuously, even if you do just extinguish the candle at intervals of 3 hours, trim the wick and relight them.

4. Why I Can’t Smell My Scented Candle?

When you invest your hard earned money in an expensive scented candle and discover that it doesn’t release much fragrance, it’s highly disappointing. But when it comes to the scent throw, it totally depends upon the fragrance category. So just in case you’re cribbing that you spend a lot of cash on a scented candle and it still does not have the right scent throw, then you should know that a strong scent throw is not always the indicator of quality candle, fragrances derived from the plants are extremely subtle in nature, hence do not carry a strong scent throw. A candle that contains too much fragrance oil may give out a fragrance that is too overpowering and may irritate your olfactory senses. Whereas a premium quality scented candle will always contain just the right amount of fragrance oils derived from nature for a truly relaxing yet mesmerizing experience.

How to Fix It: If you have been burning your scented candle in a large room, then try to burn it in a smaller room, such as bathroom, or office. Burn it for a longer duration, you will definitely get the right fragrance after two hours.

5. Why Do I See Small Droplets of Moisture Around My Candle?

Does your candle sweat like a pig? This is because of the oil content in your candle. Some candles contain fragrance oils and some natural wax candles like soy contain a natural oil content that is bound to sweat occasionally. This is something you will witness while burning your candle for the first time and never again. If your candle sweats every time you burn it then it means that the candle is over flooded with fragrance oils, which is obviously not a problem.

How to Fix It: What actually causes sweating in candles is exposure to heat, if you have been placing your candles in a place with higher temperature then avoid it. If the sweating occurs at normal room temperature then just take a tissue paper and wipe off the extra oils.

6. Why Does My Taper Candle Drip & Ruin My Expensive Furniture?

Elegant taper candles are widely used for providing a romantic ambiance in restaurants, as a major table décor accessory in wedding centerpieces. But the whole scene turns very ugly when the candles burn unevenly and there are drips of wax all over your cloth table covers or candelabra.

How to Fix It: The main cause of wax drips could be, the candles are not completely vertical. If the candles are tilted then there are high chances of wax dripping down. So, whenever you place taper candles make sure that the surface is smooth and the candles are standing straight. Or if you have been using regular taper candles then it’s high time you switch to the “dripless taper candles”, they’re designed in such a way that the wax does not drip.

7. My Candle Wick Drowns Inside the Wax and Won’t Relight, Why?

Candlewick drowning inside the wax is also one of the common problems that people encounter while burning candles. In this scenario, the wick is so small that the melt pool does not reach to the edges of the candle and it just burns from the center leading to the formation of a tunnel, so apparently, the wax melt pool becomes denser while drowning the wick.

How to Fix It: The cause of this may be a small wick or tunneling, just scrape out the extra wax around the wick and edges. Burn your candle for minimum two hours on its first burn and let the melted wax reach all the way to the edges.

If you have been dealing with these problems while burning your scented candles then we hope that the above fixes were helpful to you. Also, if you’re looking forward to buying some premium quality scented candles then Lighthaus Candles will surely cater to your needs. Shop for exclusively designed fragranced candles that come with mesmerizing aromas at

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