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LIGHTHAUS : 7 Questions to Consider Before Buying Scented Candles

Have you been resisting yourself from buying scented candles? And after doing a thorough R&D, you’ve finally decided to buy some fragrance candles but have no idea about the things to consider or what to look for in a scented candle? A lot of people get confused while shopping for them or get overexcited by seeing or smelling some amazing fragrance candles and probably end up buying a candle that does not really fulfill their needs. This is what happened to some of our customers as they got confused, and we decided to come up with a series of questions that you must consider asking yourself before buying scented candles:

1. Should I Buy Different Fragrances for Different Spaces?

Do you wear the same clothes to work, party or at home? The answer is probably no, then why do would you burn the same scented candle in every room of your home? The answer is yes, you should buy different fragrance candles for different living spaces because they would help in creating an ambiance that reflects the room’s purpose. Pick up a romantic fragrance like the rose for a bedroom, a divine fragrance like jasmine for the prayer room, a warm fragrance like cinnamon sticks for the living room to create a warm atmosphere with your family followed by fresh fragrance like ocean breeze for bathrooms.

2. What are the Different Categories of Candles and Why It Should Matter To Me?

Like we consider quality and comfort before buying shoes that we wear daily and when it comes to buying a pair of flip-flops for the beach, we just grab any pair because we don’t need them regularly. This is the same with candles, there are different types of candles and each serves a different purpose. Pillar candles come with maximum burning hours, they won’t run out easily when you burn them regularly, tealights come with shortest burning hours, they’re the best pick when you want to create a nice ambiance at night with a lot of candlelight. Jar candles come with lids and they’re the best ones for placing on your furniture as there is no risk of spillage.

3. Should I Buy Candles That Look Good Or The Ones That Smell Good? 

This one is really complicated, it’s like picking up a man when the first option looks charming and the second one gives you temptations. So, if you’re planning to woo your guests at a housewarming party or an event, pick up some decorative candles (just like you pick up a charming man to flaunt him like a trophy in front of your friends). If you really want to enjoy some benefits of scented candles and want your space to smell good then settle for a decent scented jar candle, you won’t be able to flaunt it but rather feel it (just like a decent looking man that smells amazing will drive you crazy in bed, you can’t flaunt that in public but definitely can enjoy the benefits in private). Apparently, both come with their unique benefits, the choice is yours.

4. Why Invest in an Expensive Scented Candle When I Have Cheaper Options?

Like we have always been taught to settle for quality over quantity when it’s about people or things, the same rule applies to scented candles. If you run after best-looking candles with the strongest scent throw available at cheaper prices, then this will be a total waste of money because the candles must be made of poor quality waxes and lead wicks that will end up making your space toxic. Whereas a good quality scented candle might be a bit expensive but it’s definitely worth the price because of being crafted with premium quality wax blends and lead-free cotton wicks.

5. Are Floral Scents Meant Just For Women? Can’t Men Pick Them?

Just like pink is not just for women, there are some men who carry color pink like it was meant for them, the same goes with floral scents. Not all men like dark colors or strong and spicy fragrances, some might like cool, fresh and pastel colors and get drawn towards some subtle floral scents. This is just fine, pick what you like and don’t let the stereotypes make you settle for something that makes you feel terrible.

6. How Many Scented Candles Should I Burn in My Room?

This one is the most important question and some people often complain that there is no fragrance in a candle. So, the total number of scented candles you should be burning so that the entire room smells good depends upon the size of the room. One scented candle might be enough for a small room or bathroom, but for a larger room or hallway, you should burn at least two to three scented candles together.

7. Can I Burn Two Scented Candles with Different Fragrance Together?

As they say, sugar and spice and all things nice, the same applies to scented candles. You can create your own signature fragrance by combining two different fragrances together, start from blending subtle floral fragrances just like the rose with musk or ivy, coffee with vanilla or watermelon with mint. Once you learn this art of mixing fragrances, you will love this game.

 So, we are pretty sure that after reading this article you must be clear with, what type of scented candle you want to buy, its purpose and the fragrance. Just in case you still have some unanswered questions in your mind, free feel to reach out to us or just leave a comment in the below section. We would love to help you out.


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