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Lighthaus : 7 Reasons Why Soy Candles Are The Latest Buzz Of Town

Candles are a great way to add warmth to your home while uplifting the overall ambiance if they are infused with wonderful fragrance. Scented candles are capable of enlivening any cocktail party, adding a romantic aura to a candlelight dinner or help you in escaping to a happy and peaceful place. Candles have now become a part of everyone’s lifestyle, gone are the days when candles were only burnt in churches or festivals. They’re now becoming the epitome of class and comfort, but there’s this one candle type which has got everyone rolling. Any guesses? We are talking about soy candles, everyone’s literally going mad about them. Ever wondered why? And what makes them stand apart from others? There are numerous types of wax sources available in the market, some are eco-friendly, some carry a better scent throw and some are very toxic. If we compare soy wax to any other waxes then soy will surely be the winner in every aspect and here we have 7 reasons that pretty much sum it up:

1. Soy Wax is Absolutely Natural

Soy wax is extracted from soybean, it is hydrogenated vegetable oil which solidifies when you bring it to room temperature. Soy wax does not contain anything artificial that makes it a better alternative as compared to traditional paraffin waxes made from petroleum oils, which in turn have harmful health consequences when you burn them.

2. Soy Wax Gives a Cleaner Burn


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Unlike waxes which are produced using artificial blends and soy wax does not produce black soot when burned and gives you a cleaner burn. The black soot may stain shelves, curtains, walls, and furniture if burned inside the home on the contrary soy wax does safe to be burned inside.

3. Non-Toxic

If you are looking for a healthier alternative then soy wax is the perfect choice for you, as they do not release toxic carcinogens in the air when you burn them, carcinogens are one of the 11 known toxins and one of the most harmful as it causes cancer in some people.

4. Eco-friendly and Easy to Clean


As we have mentioned it already, soy wax is made from soybeans it is safe for the environment because soybeans are renewable. Artificial waxes made from petroleum do not come from a renewable resource and are not friendly to the environment. If you accidentally spill soy wax on your exclusive furniture then you should just relax and clean it with lukewarm water or soap. But let it cool down before you start with the cleaning process.

5. Soy Wax Comes with a Lower Melting Point

If you have kids running around here and there in your home then soy wax candles will turn out to be your savior. Soy wax comes with a lower melting point as compared to other types of waxes, so there is a less risk of burns if it accidentally gets spilled on skin.

6. Long Lasting

So just in case if you are scared by the prices of soy candles then we have some good news for you. Candles made from soy wax come with a longer burn time and usually burn from 35% to 50% more than candles made from other waxes. They are efficient, burn evenly and has minimum wax left on the edges of the jars or containers.

7. Comes with a Strong Scent Throw


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Some people want their living spaces to be filled fragrance right after they burn a scented candle. If you land up in the same category of people then you should count on scented soy candles. As mentioned above soy wax has a lower melting point that results in a better surface area of the liquid wax pool around the wick of a candle, the fragrance oils get thoroughly blended with soy wax resulting in a stronger scent throw.

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