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LIGHTHAUS : 9 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Scented Candles in Your Home

Scented candles are a great way to add warmth to your home while uplifting the overall ambiance if they are infused with wonderful fragrance. Scented candles are capable of enlivening any cocktail party, adding a romantic aura to a candlelight dinner or help you in escaping to a happy and peaceful place. Candles have now become a part of everyone’s lifestyle and gone are the days when candles were only burnt in churches or on festivals. They’re now becoming the epitome of class and comfort, so here are 9 reasons why you need scented candles in your home:

1. To Help You Unwind

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Who doesn’t want to relax in their comfy home after a long day at work? The feeling of getting back to home is something that cannot be fathomed into words, it’s just like you’ve reached to your happy place. Now imagine if you had a very stressful day at work and came back to a home that smells like heaven with tranquil vibes instantly putting you in a state of relaxation and ease. This is how instantly aromatic candles help you in unwinding after a stressful day at work.

2. To Enhance Your Home’s Interior Décor

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Your home is like a window to your personal style and it should reflect your taste, from the cute vintage décor to high spirited bohemian colors to the minimalist hygge décor- each décor type tells a story.  And candles will be the perfect décor accessory in any home as their charming glow of candlelight will set the right ambiance and their unique design or decorative candle holders will enhance the décor appeal.

3. To Eliminate Negative Vibes

Smell is very important, ever wondered you feel bad or disgusted when you come in contact with bad smells? That’s because of course, they stink but bad odors also attract bad energy. So, always keep your surroundings smell fresh and nice all the time, you can burn scented candles. Good scents uplift your mood and candlelight promotes positive energy, you can burn them in corners of your home and prayer rooms. Choose midnight jasmine candles for prayer rooms since jasmine represents purity and has divine energy, it is one of the angelic fragrances, you can also place a Buddha statue along with scented candles for more positivity.

4. For Indulging in Self Care Spa and Aromatherapy Sessions at Home

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Who doesn’t love relaxing in a hot bathtub full of bathing bombs, rose petals while sipping your favorite wine and reading your favorite book? What’s missing from the whole scenario? Yeah, you got us right, some scented candles. So, indulge in a relaxing and healing aromatherapy and spa sessions at home with fragrance candles. You can opt for relaxing and calming fragrances like midnight jasmine and lavender.

5. To Set Up A Romantic Ambiance in Your Bedroom

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Why do you think candlelight dinners are romantic? That’s probably because of candles, lighting can do wonders to the décor and ambiance, say goodbye to those old lamps and bring in some romantic candles in your bedroom. The luminescent glow of candlelight will highlight your best features and we are sure that your partner won’t be able to resist the temptation to keep their hands off you.  To create a more romantic aura, we suggest you to burn rose scented candles, rose is a natural aphrodisiac and will surely boost your libido.

6. For a More Restful Sleep

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Did you know that using electronics just right before hitting the bed may disrupt with your sleep routine and have negative effects on your health? The blue light that emits from your phone’s screen decreases the magnesium levels in your body that make you more anxious and less tired. Now you know why you can’t fall asleep even after having a tiring day? So, when you light up some scented candles in the evening and shut off the lights, it calms your mind and helps in resetting your natural sleep rhythm. You can burn some lavender scented candle to enhance your quality of sleep.

7. To Improve Your Mood

Scents have a positive impact on your mood, we bet you still get happy when your mom bakes your favorite cookies. You know why? Because you grew up with that fragrance and its there in your past and memories, so whenever you smell that fragrance again, you feel happy and your mood lightens. So pick up some happy and fresh fragrance candles like peppermint, citrus or vanilla to lighten up your mood.

8. To Keep Your Smelly Cat or Dog’s Smell Away

If you have pets in your home then you may be tired of hearing “I smell something weird in your house” or “What’s that weird smell”? And you might get embarrassed while being unable to recognize the actual smell because your nose has become accustomed to it. So, to save yourself from embarrassment, just light up some scented candles in your home but before that open all your doors and windows for 15-20 mins, then light the candles.

9. To Keep The Cooking Smell At Bay

Do you always fail to surprise your guests or loved ones when you cook their favorite dishes? Because apparently, they end up knowing it because of the delicious aroma that lingers on in the air. So, here scented candles could be your savior. Just open the windows and turn on your fans to blow out the odor and then light up some scented candles to freshen up the air, you can also fool your guests by burning vanilla caramel scented candles, they will think that you have baked some vanilla cake or cookies. 

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