LIGHTHAUS : 9 Gifts for the Love of Your Life This Valentine-Lighthaus Candle

LIGHTHAUS : 9 Gifts for the Love of Your Life This Valentine

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and your hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner must have begun. Even if you have been wooing your partner with the amazing gifts throughout the year, but we are still sure that this day still instills fear in your heart about what to give her or him this Valentine’s Day. So, if you find yourself a bit hazy when it comes to deciding a unique gift for your partner that she/he will cherish for a long time then here we have 9 unique gift ideas for you:

1. Book a Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway doesn’t have to be a long two weeks vacay to the Hawaiian Islands, just a weekend trip away from the city chaos will be just right. Go explore some places that you have never explored with your partner, if you’re going to a hill station with cold weather then plan a bonfire and get your resort or hotel room decorated with amazing scented candles, order their favorite food and wine.

2. Wine tasting

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If your partner is obsessed with wine then go take them for an amazing experience of tasting wine. Maybe you both can get a chance to do grape stomping together at the vineyard, it will be so fun and exciting. If you stay in the NCR region then you can go to Twist Bar, located in Cyber Hub. They host a free wine-tasting session every Thursday.

3. Coffee Maker

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If “Powered By Caffeine.” Describes your partner well, then the best gift for them could be a coffee maker with a monthly supply of their favorite coffee.

4. Travel Accessories for Travel Freaks

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If you’re blessed with a partner who is a travel freak then there is nothing on this earth they would love more than travel accessories. Give them a backpack full of travel accessories like, torch, towel, tent house, boots, weatherproof jackets, and travel tin candles.

5. Amazon Kindle with their favorite books

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Does your partner love reading books and their shelves probably have no space for new books? Then we suggest you gift them an Amazon Kindle, loaded with their favorite books. We are sure that they will love this gift and will cherish it for years to come.

6. Shopping vouchers

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I hate shopping said no women ever and this goes well with your partner. If your girlfriend or wife loves shopping then it would be better to give her some gift cards or vouchers of her favorite brands. Instead of going out and getting confused between whether if she will like the dress and its color or if it will fit her, it’s better to give her some vouchers, so that she can shop everything of her own choice.

7. Scented Candles

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Scented candles make for the perfect romantic gift because of three reasons, first they’re high-quality presents, and second they’re personal and meaningful and third they’re powerfully romantic. That’s because low light causes our pupils to dilate that helps in filtering out the distractions in the environment, allowing you to focus on your partner. Also, they’re available in numerous romantic fragrances like rose and jasmine that have natural aphrodisiacal properties. Also, scented candles are unisex, they work both for men and women.

8. Makeup

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If your girl keeps telling you about the latest launch of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, Rihanna’s Fenty beauty or the sale at Sephora then it’s the right time to give her something that she has been drooling over. Of course, Makeup. You can either give her a shopping voucher or some lipsticks that you would want her to flaunt.

9. Pets

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Who doesn’t love those little furry creatures? If your partner has been thinking to bring a new furry member to their home then this Valentines you should surprise them with a pet. They will love it for sure and thank you for being so generous.

If you liked the above gifting ideas for Valentine’s Day then share this article with your loved ones. Or if you have some better ideas in your mind and would love to share it with others then leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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