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Lighthaus : A Guide to Identify An Interior Décor Type and Choose the Right Décor Accessory

As they say, a first impression is the last impression and no matter what happens you can’t go back and change them. Just like you judge someone’s personality by the type of clothes they wear and how they accessorize themselves, the same way people assume your personality according to the interior décor of your home. Your home is like a window to your personal style and it should reflect your taste, from the cute vintage décor to high spirited bohemian colors to the minimalist décor- each décor type tells a story. But sometimes people get confused between different types of home décors and often find themselves puzzled while choosing the right colors, furniture types, and décor accessories. If you also land up in a confusing state of mind while identifying a particular type of décor then here’s a complete guide that will help you in identifying an interior décor type and décor accessories according to it:

Traditional Décor


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When it comes to Traditional Style Décor, symmetry and balance define it. You will feel warmth and comfort through the designs of furniture, their placement, and colors. In this décor the furniture is the center of attraction and placed formally, there is enough room between the sofa and table that you can easily walk. You will notice some common elements in every traditional style décor, the richly colored and textured fabrics, upholstery, heavy curtains and tablecloths.

Colors and Décor Accessories to Opt

The colors that go well with this type of colors are chosen from the neutral color palette they usually consist of brown, beige, cream, cherry, tan or mahogany. You can opt for intricately carved wooden sculptures, frames, accent furniture, vases, and more importantly traditional candle stands paired with appealing candles.


Modern Décor


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Modern décor type reflects functionality since they have cutting-edge designs that are often multifunctional. Everything in modern décor goes against traditional things, asymmetry is the key feature and designs include extremely clean lines in furniture and walls. You have enough room to walk around here and there, the décor set up is clean with no clutter. You will notice a lot of abstract paintings, you will see the usage of chrome finish in furniture complemented by the glass.

Colors and Décor Accessories to Opt With Modern Décor

You will see heavy usage of muted colors such as white, beige, light grey, and ivory complemented by brighter colors like red, blue and purple. Brighter colors are often used to accent the décor or highlight something, either it would be a wall art, accent furniture or curtains. The best accessories could be standing lampshades, rugs with abstract print, square couches and modern candle holders with beige or white candles.


Eclectic Décor


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An eclectic décor is a combination of multiple styles combined in one, whether it’s the furniture or other décor accessories. It showcases a more aesthetical appeal but it looks much cluttered if things go over the top. As they say, balance is the key, a perfect eclectic décor is a mix of multiple furniture pieces upholstered in different colors and textures, accented by colorful cushions, rugs and wall arts. Just like other décor types, placement of furniture is the focal point in eclectic décor.

Colors and Décor Accessories to Opt

If you love bright colors then you will surely love playing with them in this décor theme, you can opt for bright pink, green, orange, yellow or purples, there is no restriction as long as the colors go well with each other. You can incorporate colorful cushions, accent furniture, flowers, and colorful jar candles, you can create centerpieces with candles. The warm and luminescent glow of candlelight will make the ambiance more warm and welcoming.


Contemporary Décor


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Contemporary décor is often mistaken with modern style because of the muted colors. Where modern decor is all about clean lines with bold designs, the contemporary goes vice versa. The furniture is not edgy, it has smooth curved lines and more natural light is invited inside the living spaces through large windows. The more emphasis is given to furniture pieces, lighting accessories, and materials. You will see furniture with soft edges, upholstered in natural fabrics with soft textures.

Colors and Décor Accessories to Opt

You have to be very picky while choosing colors for contemporary décor, opt for subtle colors like whites, ivory, light brown and you can also go with natural wood colors. You have to be very careful while choosing the décor accessories, go with ceramic vases paired with indoor plants, shag rugs, softly textured cushions, and ball candles, since they go well with this décor. If you want to highlight the décor then you can also opt for some silver or gold finish jar candles and use them as centerpieces.

Minimalist Décor



Less is more when it comes to minimalist décor, in this type of décor everything is basic.  In this décor not only the furniture is minimal but they have neat designs and minimal textures that do not shout for attention. You will find a lot of natural wood colors and textures on furniture, floors and some people follow that trend with the walls too. The furniture is not placed too close, there is a lot of open floors and empty space to adore. 

Colors and Décor Accessories to Opt

Just like other modern décor types, white is dominantly used along with grey, lighter shades of brown, ivory and beige. Bright colors should only be used as accents, solid navy blue, monochrome or dark gray accessories would do justice. Opt for a minimal shag or jute rug, succulents, white cement or concrete sculptures. You can choose pastel color candles for accenting the overall décor appeal if you get confused while choosing accessories.

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