Lighthaus : Because It’s Not Always Hearts and Flowers That Help You in Mastering The Romance Game-Lighthaus Candle

Lighthaus : Because It’s Not Always Hearts and Flowers That Help You in Mastering The Romance Game

As they say “Love is not complicated, but people are.” It’s never love that complicates things but it’s us who fail to express or understand the simplest things. Its rainbows and sunshine when you fall in love, but as time passes your partner appears to be too annoying or boring to you, or you start assuming things in your head, start setting up your expectations too high and unapologetically lash out at them when they fail to meet your desired expectations. But why do we do this? Because we are humans and we tend to expect more from people we are attached to. Sometimes, we get so busy in the chaos of our professional lives that they start to take a toll on our relationships and we start to ignore all the red flags that are affecting our romantic life. If your love life has been a little off lately, then here are some ways to bring back the romance:

De-Clutter Your Bedroom


Whether it’s a cluttered mind or a cluttered space, it always leads to unfruitful results. Create a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom by removing unnecessary things. Fill your bedroom with stuff that gives a romantic vibe, also if you have a habit of stacking up your shoes or other things under your bed then it’s high time you should stop doing that.

Get The Family Photos Out Of Bedroom



A room should be decorated according to its type just like the living room is warm and welcoming because the entire family sits together to enjoy a movie night, hence’ this is why we decorate our living rooms with family pictures. But if you have family photos in your bedroom then it more likely turns your bedroom into a family room. We know it sounds awkward but did you ever have an adrenaline rush by looking at the family photos? Of course not, so if you have family pictures in your bedroom then you need to replace them with happy couple photos, you can also go for an intimate photo shoot for some steamy clicks.

Go for Ambient Lighting and Add a Fragrance To Your Bedroom



Lighting can do wonders to the décor and ambiance of your living spaces, if you’re still sticking to the traditional lighting accessories in your bedroom then it’s time to do some experimenting. Say goodbye to those old lamps and bring in some candles, you can opt for decorative candle holders that create flickering reflections. The luminescent glow of candlelight will highlight your partner’s best features and we are sure they won’t be able to resist the temptation of keeping their hands off you.  To create a more romantic aura, we suggest you burn rose scented candles, a rose is a natural aphrodisiac and will surely boost your libido.

Change Bed sheets Timely and Stick to Neutral Colors



Clean bed sheets are very important when it comes to lovemaking, don’t forget to change the sheets timely and if possible then opt for soft satin and linen sheets. You can go for warm and fresh colors like off-white, beige, ivory, peach or almond. You can also make your sheets smell good by spraying some rose water mist that clears away the challenging vibrations and brings sweet and pure energy of love.

Don’t Forget To Clear The Space After A Break Up

If you still live in the same apartment you used to live with your ex-girlfriend or wife then it’s better to get the old stuff replaced with new ones. You know why? Because that space will remind you of your old flame and the memories you shared with them, the same old relationship patterns could also follow through and the old energy could stop you from letting in the new one.

You can also plan a surprise for your partner by decorating your bedroom with rose-scented candles and keep strawberries, chocolates, and wine as complimentary treats. Browse though Lighthaus Candles at, we have a wide range of scented candles that will illuminate your space while creating a better ambiance with their aroma.  


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