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Lighthaus : How to Get the Most Out of Pillar Candles?

There’s one type of candle that appears to be the most elegant, which is so versatile that it is used everywhere from weddings, events or to enhance the décor of the home. Here’s a hint – they’re tall, they can be scented or unscented and moreover, they do not need a stand for burning. Yes, we’re talking about pillar candles; they come in an extensive range of size, design, shape, and colors and they also do not let you down when it comes to the décor part. They are also one of the most bought types of candle across the globe, but the people who do not know how to burn them often come up with some shortcomings, saying that their pillar candle burns a hole right down in the center and it won’t relight. Is there really something wrong with the pillar candles or it’s the people who are not burning them the way they should be. Here we will share some useful tips on how you can get the most from your pillar candles:

1. Say NO to Shorter Burn Time

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Pillars are specifically designed to be burned for longer durations and when you burn them for a shorter period you mess up with the whole burning process.  The initial burn is the most crucial time for any candle and it is known as a memory burn, it is the one which sets the scent throw and boundaries for every other burn time. So, to be on the safe part burn the pillar candles at least for 3-4 hours, each time you light them up. You need to wait until the wax pool touches the boundaries.

2. Don’t Ignore the Wick

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If the flame of your pillar candle is too large that means the wick needs a trim. Extinguish the candle immediately by dunking the wick inside the wax pool, it is a better option than blowing off the candle as it prevents the wick from producing smoke. Now let the wick dry for few minutes and then trim the wick, straighten it and then relight again. You should trim the wick when there’s mushrooming or carbon gap, you will see little black globules forming on the tip.

3. Don’t Burn Pillar Candles in Any Container

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If you have been burning your pillar candles in any glass or other containers then you should stop doing that and replace the containers with regular and open candle holders with a flat base. Place them away from the windows and fans, place them away from the drafty conditions as well, since all of these conditions may lead to uneven burning or tunneling of the candle.

4. Fine-Tuning the Tunnels

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There are three ways to fix the tunneling in pillar candles:

  • If it is the first stage of tunneling, lay the candle on one side and use a lighter to melt the wax away from the wick, throw away the melted wax in the trash. Relight the candle now and let the wax pool form towards the edges.
  • Cut or scrape out all the wax, which is present above the wick with a butter knife and then relight the candle.
  • When the tunnel has formed, you can remove the melted wax with a paper towel or cotton ball. Make sure that the wick is above the melt pool, it will lead to even burning. 

5. Don’t Forget to Hug the Edges

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After the end of each burn, you should hug in the edges of pillar candles, cup both of your hands together and fold the wax inwards. This will surely help in avoiding the tunneling while allowing the excess was around the edges to be burned along.

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