LIGHTHAUS : This Is How to Decorate Your Home with Candles!

LIGHTHAUS : This Is How to Decorate Your Home with Candles!

Candles have been utilized in home décor setups since centuries, earlier they were just used for illuminating living spaces because apparently there was no electricity. But when electricity came along with electric bulbs, people sidelined candles, then they were used in a more creative way and that was for décor purpose. Candles were then paired with decorative candle holders, designer sconces for wall displays and they became a must-have décor accessory for dinner tables. This is how candles started being used for creating a better ambiance or for creating a certain mood in any room. So, if you are mesmerized by candles and don’t know how to incorporate them in your home then here’s how you can decorate your home with candles:

Living Room


jar candles, scented candles


A living room is the first room that is exposed to an outsider when he/she enters your home, so apparently, it should always be guest ready to save yourself from getting embarrassed from surprise visits. So, the easiest way out could be accessorizing your coffee tables, ottomans and side tables. Scented candles will not only make your living room look good but it will also smell good, so just pair decorative candle holders in assorted sizes with assorted pillar candles on coffee tables, you can pick up a nice decorative tray and incorporate pineapple candle and antique candle lamp with it for decorating ottomans.


Candle decor, decorative candle, scented candles


People get really fussy while decorating their entryways, some just over stuff it and some just forget to add a statement décor accessory. A well decorated entryway will totally stun your guests before they even enter your home. You just have to play it smart, don’t overdo it, if you have entryway tables then just pick up a decorative statement mirror either in round or an abstract shape, then pick some metallic taper candle holders and incorporate taper candles with them. You can also add some mercury speckled votives along with fresh flowers or succulents.

Dining Room


Candle decor, decorative candle, scented candles

We all have seen big dining tables with luxurious candle holders and candles in movies, so why not create something like that in your home. Since, unscented candles are used on dining tables and dining rooms, so that the fragrance does not overpower the aroma of food. We will suggest you to use some submerged floating candle centerpieces, unscented taper candles with decorative candle holders and unscented glass votives.


candles for romance, jar candles

Bedroom is like the heart of romance, so opt for ambient lighting and add a fragrance to your bedroom to spread some romantic vibes. Lighting can literally do magic to the décor and ambiance of your bedroom, we will suggest you to use less LED’s and more candleligh. Pick some rose scented decorative candles like heart shaped tealight or rose carved pillar candle, place them on side tables and on dressers opposite to mirrors for creating reflection. The warmth of candle light and rose aroma will lighten the mood and ignite a spark between both of you.


candles, candle decor, decorative candle

Who doesn’t love sipping coffee while reading their favorite book in candlelight? Sitting in outdoor spaces in fresh air and candles is one of the best ways to unwind from a tiring day. If you are inviting your friends over coffee, then what’s better than hanging out in your terrace garden? But when you use candles in outdoor spaces, make sure that you use cylindrical glass vases, just pair them with taper or pillar candles. You can also use scented candles with citronella fragrance to keep bugs at bay as you relax in outdoors.



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Your washrooms should always look clean and smell good. Scented candles are a great way to enhance the décor appeal of your bathrooms while making them smell fresh and nice all the time, pick some fresh fragrances like citrus or ocean breeze. If you have a Jacuzzi or bathtub then place some scented glass votives around them to relax after a hectic day.

Prayer Room

An Indian home is incomplete without a prayer room and lighting up incense sticks has become a ritual for us. But incense candles release a lot of smoke as they burn, which is harmful for health. The whole idea is to make the home smell good because good fragrances bring positivity to your home. With scented candles, you will not only make your prayer rooms smell good but you can make them look more beautiful. Metallic candle holders and decorative scented candles will be the perfect pick, we will suggest you to pick midnight jasmine aroma as it represents purity, has a divine energy that helps our prayers to connect with god.



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