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You have the cushions, the throws, the designer coffee table, a tactile leather sofa, the oak flooring but something is missing. You can't put your finger on it but something is lacking.

Great music on your iPod or your favourite TV programme on Netflix tingling your senses of hearing. But something is not complete.

Feel your sense of smell has not been catered for?

Use quality scented candles to complete the look and more importantly, the feel of your home. The soft light from a candle united with a great fragrance will instantly add a lift to your Home, transforming the feel of your environment by transporting you to another place.

Focussing on this belief, Lighthaus brings to you a premium range of fragranced candles which will leave your home, with a dash of luxury and you, with a feeling of alluring fascination.

LIGHTHAUS candles are for every fragrance lover who is looking for a beautiful stylish candle with a strong scent to create the right ambience in their home, but who hasn’t been able to find one due to the lack of quality candles in India.

You feel the marketplace is swamped with beautiful, attractive yet cheap, toxic and barely fragrant candles with a low-quality scent, emitting more smoke than your fireplace or chimney and hence you may have been avoiding purchasing candles online altogether.

If this sounds like you, we understand, and we can help.

LH candles have fragrance combinations which are unique, mesmerizing, and unparalleled in creative perfection. Our candles are 100% Hand-Poured with premium quality fragrance oils selected from the world’s leading fragrance houses and the finest grade wax blends to ensure excellent cold and hot scent throw. 

Each of our candles is scented to a high level and loaded with fragrance, ensuring the delightful bouquet will linger in your home for many hours. We ensure the use the perfect strength of cotton wick for each type of candles making the fragrance level and and burn time outperform most other common candles in the country. These candles wrapped in breathtaking packaging, will amaze not only your olfactory senses but also intrigue your visionary senses.

We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Every product possesses an aura of sophistication attained through attention to the minutest details. Our products are manufactured in the heart of Delhi, the capital of India, where our adroit production and research teams strive to create products that mirror international trends and blend with your charismatic home interiors and moods and invoke in you, a feeling of glee and bliss.


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