Candle|Lighthousecandle's Mission


In our lives, we often land up in situations where we have no control over things, circumstances where any of our strategies don’t 

work. In the heat of helplessness, we anxiously try to manage everything that is happening around us. Just a single thing that doesn't go according to us makes us go crazy, we make mistakes, and then try to cover them up or go out of our ways to fix everything. 

The constant desire to chase after our goals and the fear of failure to do so makes our mind and bodies function frenetically, our days

 get filled with a repeated cycle of movements, where we are trying to be busy by indulging in phoning, buying, looking in the mirror, snacking and habitual talking.We try to find a solution to every problem and try to control the outcomes, but what if we just make a 

decision to consciously take our hands off the control, stop mental computations and thinking about outcomes. 

What if we consciously take some mental pauses to know what’s going inside us and accept the reality as it is. By taking a pause, 

we disconnect ourselves from all the activities, doing nothing just staying wherever we are, not moving towards any goals.You can take

 a pause amidst any activity and it can last for minutes or hours. A pause can be a meditation session after a tiring day to maintain 

work-life balance, a pause to travel away from city chaos into the arms of nature. 

 A pause to socialise with friends and family, a pause can also be spending some quality time with your partner. A pause can also be

 letting go of what we’re about to say in a conversation, taking a minute to completely listen and understand what the other person is 

trying to say. We should also take a pause when we suddenly feel overwhelmed, delighted or saddened, allowing the feelings to come 

and go as they please. So a pause simply helps us to get a clear vision of things and resume our activities with more presence of mind. 

By pausing in situations, we disrupt our habitual behaviours and open ourselves to respond instead of reacting mindlessly. A pause

 helps us in realigning our thoughts to the present moment and heading towards the right direction in life. As fragrances play a vital 

role, they have the power to help us relive the fondest of memories, uplift our moods, rejuvenate our mind and set the right ambience 

in any living space. Keeping this in mind all our fragrances and curated collections are meticulously designed with aromas that will complement your each pause during the day. 

 So, whenever you take your next PAUSE, juts grab a drink, burn a candle and take a seat. Switch off your phone. Clear your mind 

of all distractions and let the scents unwind your senses.