Our Story



Lighthaus Candle is a subsidiary brand of GIN Candles, the pioneers in India, since 1995, in manufacturing and exporting more than 15 million premium candles to more than 37 countries across the globe every year, crafting the finest products for major retail stores and high-end boutique stores such as DKNY, Laura Ashley, Sia, Tommy Bahamas, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s.

Realising a booming candle demand in our own country, drove us to conduct multiple consumer and market researches only to be hit in the face with the harsh reality of our marketplace being flooded with cheap, toxic candles with a low quality scent, accompanied by an ever increasing disappointment among the candle lovers. Browsing through thousands of existing negative product reviews on inferior quality candles across multiple online platforms in India, provoked us further to come up with a solution to rebuild the customer’s gone faith in candle industry.

An experience of 25 years and the privilege of creating candles for influential designers across major fashion capitals of the world has empowered us to create premium quality hand-poured candles crafted with meticulously chosen imported wax blends, infused with the finest fragrance oils from renowned French and American perfumers and topped with environment friendly all cotton wicks from Germany, for the perfect candle burning experience to provide the quality and value that every Indian customer deserves.

Having improved and progressively perfected the art of candle making over two decades, it is our desire to introduce every Indian candle enthusiast to our range of truly dripless candles, thus ending their nightmares of melting wax ruining their expensive pieces of furniture, a reason why they were gradually starting to replace their favourite candles with the ever so bland and monotonous LED candles.

Working in close collaboration with accomplished stylists and interior designers who have given major décor goals to our country, enables us to create designs, patterns and the splendid fusion of metals with glasses in our range to ensure that every product blends well with the Indian décor themes.

Our ardent team of 350 members continuously strive to craft magnificent candles and home fragrances that will enrich your habitat and décor with elegant fragrances and transform your living spaces into a sensational experience.

Your search for the perfect candle is over !


More than 60,000 candles hand-poured every day.

More than 15 million candles crafted each year.

More than 335 unique fragrance blends available to waffle your heart.