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Lighthaus : 5 Fragrances That Have A Powerful Impact On Your Mind

A fragrance is just not a scent, it’s a memory. Have you ever witnessed that you just automatically feel good on coming in contact with some fragrances, whether it’s just a whiff of chocolate cookies, vanilla ice cream, fresh flowers or that new zesty air freshener? Have you ever wondered why? No, it’s not a magic – there is science behind these chemical reactions that tickles our olfactory senses. Our olfactory sensors are directly linked to the emotional center of our brain that causes a rush of warm and cozy feelings right after a sniff. The sense of smell works differently than the sense of touch and taste, scents are linked to our past experiences. Apart from the power to remind us of past, there are certain fragrances that do amazing things to our mind and body that includes reducing stress, anxiety, headaches to insomnia. Here are 5 amazing fragrances that are sure to make you feel better:

1. Lemon Helps You in Fighting the Monday Blues

Did you know? Just a whiff of citrus can brighten up your mood. The lemon scent has a calming effect that helps in eliminating dizziness, exhaustion, and mental fatigue. It also helps in eliminating the negative emotions, refreshing mind and attracting positive vibes. The aroma of lemon is very crisp and energizing, this is why it is widely used in room fresheners. So, if you ever find yourself caught up by the Monday blues, just spray some lemon scented air freshener and watch how it enhances your efficiency at work.

2. Jasmine Can Help You to Sleep Better

Jasmine is one among the favorite scents that are commonly used in fragranced beauty products and perfumes. According to research, it is used in 80% women and 30% men fragrances. It is also famous for being a natural aphrodisiac, in the ancient times Queen Cleopatra used the sensual scent of jasmine to entice Mark Antony. Jasmine is used in aromatherapies and spa sessions as it relaxes your mind and enhances your quality of sleep. Just burn some jasmine scented candles one hour before sleeping and witness how early and easily you fall asleep and wake up with full energy.

3. Black Pepper Could Help You To Quit Smoking

Black pepper does not only make your food smell and taste better but it also has some other beneficial properties. If you have been trying to overcome from your nicotine addiction, then black pepper aroma could do wonders for you. Did you know that black pepper essential oil is considered to be most effective in quitting smoking? According to researches, black pepper essential oil gives sensations in your chest that helps to curb cravings to smoke, withdrawing you from nicotine consumption.

4. Bananas Could Help You from Overeating

Apart from being a good source of fiber and vitamins, the aroma bananas help you to curb cravings. Bananas have a very sweet scent when people inhale it, the aroma triggers their hormones creating an illusion of being full and hence fights the urge to eat more. So, if you are trying to lose weight then this trick might help you in shedding some pounds. Just don’t starve yourself, it’s a very unhealthy way of losing weight, start eating healthy and dedicate some time to work out sessions.

5. Cinnamon Helps in Balancing Your Mind and Soul

According to ancient Egyptians, the worth of cinnamon was more than gold? That was because of its medicinal properties and other health benefits. Cinnamon has a very spicy yet sweet aroma, no doubt why everyone loves cinnamon rolls and cinnamon buns. The scent just makes you feel warm and cozy, apart from this cinnamon also has the power to boost your memory and self-confidence, leading to the enhanced presence of mind.

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