LIGHTHAUS : Decorative Candles to Liven Up Your Home This Season!

LIGHTHAUS : Decorative Candles to Liven Up Your Home This Season!

As they say that your appearance is the first thing that people notice about you, just like you judge someone’s personality by the type of clothes they wear and how they accessorize themselves, the same way people assume your personality according to the interior décor of your home. Your home is like the door to your personal style and reflects your taste but sometimes it all goes wrong. People are so busy in their life and hiring an interior designer for every minutest change has become a recent trend. But you really don’t need an interior designer for bringing a magnificent and personal change to your living spaces, if you just take out some time and decide to make your home more warm, welcoming and pretty. Do you really want to bring some changes in the décor of your home with the easiest way possible? Then add some decorative candles in your home. Here’s how you can incorporate them into any room:

  1. Floating Candle Centerpiece

floating candles, floating candle centerpiece

Do you love fake ponds and fountains but really don’t have that much of space in your home? A floating candle centerpiece will just be the perfect addition to your home because it doesn’t occupy much space and when floating candles are incorporated with serene water, they just turn into a beautiful piece of artwork that anyone could watch for hours without blinking an eye. The best thing about them is they can be easily paired with any décor theme, add seashells and sand for a beach-inspired look, red flowers for creating a romantic ambiance or purple orchids to add a dash of color to a basic room.

  1. Metallic Taper Candles


taper candles, decorative candles, candle decor

One of the most hectic and tricky tasks is choosing the right décor accessories for tables, too much decorative accessories will make them look overcrowded and too less will make them look empty. The second most challenging thing is to find something that doesn’t ruin the furniture. In this situation, Dripless Metallic Taper Candles are more than capable of being your hero, first, they look absolutely stunning when paired with the right decorative candle holder, and second unlike other candles they don’t drip and ruin your expensive furniture when they burn. Apparently, you get the best of both worlds with them because they look lit both during day and night. Incorporate them with chic candle holders and place them on entryway tables, dining tables or console tables to steal away everyone’s attention.

  1. Gold Brushed Candles


gold brushed candles, pillar candles

Want to give a luxurious touch to your home without going over the top? Give a dash of gold to your home with gold-brushed pillar candles that have just the right textures to blend in with an elegant décor theme. Just pair them with gold-tone candle holders in assorted sizes and watch how your basic side tables and coffee tables turn into accent furniture.

  1. Scented Candle Lamps


jar candles, candle decor, decorative candles


candle decor, scented candles, decorative candles

We all know how bad the mobile phone rays are for our eyes? But did you know that exposure to led lights at night may interrupt with your natural sleeping patterns? So, replace those modern LED table lamps with our designer mosaic and antique finish scented candle lamps. Just place them beside your side tables or nightstands and light them up in the evening, the warm glow of candlelight will help you in getting back to your natural sleeping patterns. The intricate mosaic and antique finish details will enhance the décor appeal of side tables while serving the purpose of a nightstand.

  1. Pillar Candles with Gold Grid Candle Holders


candle decor, decorative candles, candles for decoration

If you want to keep your display mantle’s and entryway tables guest ready, always then our scented pillar candles complemented by gold grid candle holders will turn out to be your favorite pick. The duo of a chic ivory color and classic gold looks like a traditional home décor accessory with a modern twist that personifies class and sheer luxury. You can pair them in a set of two or in a group with other décor accessories and they will surely outshine.

  1. Mercury Speckled Glass Votive Candles and Scented Bell Jar Candle in Gold


candle decor, decorative candles, candles for decoration

Have some corners in your home that doesn’t look appealing even when adorned with the prettiest home décor accessories? We will suggest you believe in the power of a decorative candle that will not only add a stylish appeal to your living spaces but also raise its overall ambiance with the warm glow of candlelight. Why glass votive candles and bell jar in gold will be the perfect option is because of their intricate mercury speckled designs that create amazing flickering reflections. When you these decorative candles you will be amazed at the instant shift in the whole ambiance of the living space.

  1. Metallic Gold Tealight Holders


candle holders, tealight holders, candles for decor,

Do you have a thing for traditional home décor accessories? If yes, then you’ve got a classic taste because old is gold and no matter how many trends may come and go but the classics will always be in trend. Our metallic tealight holders in gold will be the perfect addition to any room in your home, whether it’s your prayer room, living room or lobbies. The intricate cut-out details lend a luxurious touch and on burning tealights inside them, they will turn the entire space into a piece of artwork. The best thing about these candle holders is that they can be paired with multiple types of candles including tealights, votives, and pillar candles.

If you are not being able to find the candles or candle holders that will match with your home decor type, then Lighthaus Candles has the right decorative candles and accessories for you. A huge collection of scented candles, candle holders, and centerpieces combos is just one click away. Browse through our extensive range at

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Thank you for this blog, I got new ideas on how I will decorate my living room . It’s very classy. I am now looking where I find different products that suit will on this theme. I hope you guy’s can help me :)

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