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Floating Candles : Beautiful Ideas to Lighten Up Your Wedding Decor

What is the first thing that you notice when you enter a wedding? Of course, it’s the wedding decorations, followed by the menu.  A wedding is the most precious moment of a couple’s life and they want to make it the most memorable occasion not only for themselves but also for their family and friends.

If you or your best friend is getting married and you’re on the hunt for the latest wedding décor trends across the globe then you have landed yourself on the right page. Gone are the days when the wedding décor was all about gaudy setups and overdone decorations. People are now switching to more subtle and meaningful décor themes that reflect their personality and create a mesmerizing ambiance for that perfect wedding album. 

Can you guess what the trendiest wedding décor accessory is? Here’s a hint for you, they’re very handy and you surely have one at your home. We are talking about floating candles; you must have seen really amazing centerpieces in weddings, hotels, and events that had floating candles as the main highlight. If you want to know more about the décor themes that you can create with floating candles then the below discussion will surely help you

Vintage Weddings

The vintage wedding décor theme is still the classic one with neutral colors and pure romance. For creating centerpieces on dining tables, you can choose cute vintage jars and wine glasses for placing floating candles, the duo of fire and water adds an illuminating glow to the entire atmosphere. You can also incorporate dust pink and ivory color roses with antique finish vases for creating a passionate aura.


Dramatic Fairytale Weddings


If you are a fan of fairytales and would love to have a fairytale wedding with a lot of drama then you can go for pure white décor. For adding a dramatic touch you can add fairy lights, LED lights followed by vibrant color flowers. Entryways and hallways can be decorated with standing and hanging candle chandeliers or lamps embellished with crystals.

For creating a more dynamic look you can create submerged flower centerpieces by incorporating bright colored flowers like water Lilies, orchids, and roses with clear glass vases, water, and floating candles. You will be mesmerized with the charm that they bring to the entire space.


Beach Weddings


Walking down the aisle amid sunset, sea, and sand is like an ideal wedding for any girl. Who doesn’t want to kiss their beloved under the stars?  If you are planning a destination wedding at the beach then you need to pay a lot of attention to the décor.

You can create a trail decorated with pebbles, lanterns, flowers and hanging fairy lights or standing chandeliers for holding candles. For those who want to go a bit extra can opt for submerged centerpieces like clear glass vases filled with seashells, faux starfishes or flowers and topped by floating candles for an alluring charm. You can use these centerpieces for dining tables and light some floating candles inside the sea.

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