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Lighthaus : 5 Ways To Differentiate Between a High Quality and Low Quality Scented Candle?

 5 Ways To Differentiate Between a High Quality and Low-Quality Scented Candle?

Because of a great supply of scented candles from across the globe, it is becoming difficult to differentiate between good and bad quality scented candles. A lot of people actually find it difficult to choose which candles to buy because if you look at the appearance any candle might look absolutely stunning but when it comes to quality, it gets very tricky. Many of our customers have been asking us how they can differentiate between a high quality and low quality scented candle, so we gathered 5 tips that will surely help out every candle lover:

1. Clean Burning And Long Burning Hours

Extended burning hours is something premium quality candles are blessed with. So, from where does the candle get those extended burning hours and cleaner burning? It’s actually the composition of candle that gives you all these things that includes the right type of quality wax blend, an adequate amount of fragrance oils and wicks chosen according to the particular wax type present in the candle and in proportion to the size or container of the candle.

2. Size Of The Flame or Wick

The size of the flame or wick should be adequate like it shouldn’t be too big or too small. A wick that is too small may not produce enough heat to form a melt pool and it may get drowned inside the melted wax extinguishing the candle each time you burn it. A wick that is too large may produce soot and make the candle burn too fast decreasing the burn time. In cases of glass or container candles, a large candlewick might make the container too hot or even cause cracks or breakage. So before you buy a candle, check the size of candlewick in proportion to the size of the candle.

3. Cotton Wicks

This is the most important feature that you should consider while buying candles, the wick of candles should be absolutely lead-free. You will come across a lot of scented candles, which may be very beautiful to look at but come with lead wicks that are hazardous to your health. So, while buying candles always prefer candles with premium grade cotton wicks.

4. Residual Wax On The Edges

When it comes to container candles like glass and tins, low-quality candles tend to form a bowl-shaped residual on the edges of the container. It’s like some outer part or ring that will not melt, this means that the candle will never be fully consumed and after a while, it won’t even relight. Whereas, this is not the case with good quality candles when you burn a good quality container candle for 1.5 – 2 hours, the wax melt reaches the pool allowing no leftover wax to go unused.

5. Just Right Scent Throw

A strong scent throw is not always the indicator of the quality candle, fragrances derived from the plants are extremely subtle in nature, hence do not carry a strong scent throw. A candle that contains too much fragrance oil may give out a fragrance that is too overpowering and may irritate your olfactory senses. Whereas a premium quality scented candle will always contain just the right amount of fragrance oils derived from nature for a truly relaxing yet mesmerizing experience.

We hope that the above points helped you in differentiating between a low and high quality scented candle. So, now you won’t get carried away by just looking at the beautiful candles but would take their quality into consideration. If you are still unable to find the right quality scented, then browse through Lighthaus Candles at, where you will find an extensive range of fragranced candles online in mesmerizing aromas.  



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