Lighthaus : Are you infected by the travel bug? We Have Shortlisted 5 Must Have Travel Accessories for You-Lighthaus Candle

Lighthaus : Are you infected by the travel bug? We Have Shortlisted 5 Must Have Travel Accessories for You


Whether you’re packing bags for your first or last trip, it’s always good to make a checklist of the things that you may need irrespective of if it’s a romantic international getaway or just a long weekend away from the city chaos. We all have been in the situations where we forgot to pack the most essential things or the things we left assuming that we won’t need them. Apparently, it turned out to be a disaster and we ended up making a fool of ourselves. If you have witnessed any situation in which you forgot to something really important then here we have created a short list of must-have travel accessories for you:

1. Personal Care and Hygiene Products

If you are relying on the personal care or hygiene products that you will be getting in your hotels then you probably should give second thoughts to it. When you’re going to a new city, the weather and the environment will be absolutely different so switching to different personal care products won’t be a good idea. Trust the ones that you have been using religiously whether it’s your sunscreen, face wash, lotion or shampoo. Don’t forget to pack the hygiene products like sanitizers, mouthwash, wet wipes and toilet rolls (just in case if the public washrooms or the ones in mountains are running out of them).

Personnel care accessories

2. Smart Accessories

There’s no way that you will be running here and there to find a charging port in the middle of a beach, so you need to pack a portable power bank (with USB and charger of course), headphones (to keep you calm and distracted from the noise), I pod or MP3 players and a digital camera to save your phone’s battery from dying. You can also pack a wireless Bluetooth speaker, torch, quick dry towel and water purifier bottle.

smart accessories

3. Foldable Shoe Bags and Storage Bags

It’s all rainbows and sunshine when you’re packing your bags with clean ironed clothes and shoes that turn out to be a disastrous mess when you’re checking out from your hotel. Who has the energy to nicely pack bags when you’re coming to your cozy home? You can save your time, energy and probably other stuff in your luggage from getting stained or damp with your dirty clothes and shoes with foldable shoe bags and storage bags for clothes. Pheww, just stack the dirt inside bags and you’re ready to roll back to your home.


4. Scented Travel Tin Candles

Scented Travel Candles are becoming a thing nowadays, it could be carried while you’re on a business trip, solo tour or a romantic getaway with your mate. No matter how beautiful a destination is, you always end up seeking for comfort and warmth of your home. A scented tin candle would do wonders for you, whether it’s shooing away your jet lags during a business trip or making your hotel room more welcoming. You can also use it to spice up the romance during a romantic getaway, just light up a rose scented tin candle and order some wine, chocolates, and flowers while your partner is taking a shower. This will surely melt their heart and make them drool over you. Did you know? Beyonce loves the warm and sweet aroma on vanilla scented candles and she has them all around in her house. She confessed that she has someone to lighten up the vanilla aroma candles at her home when she’s away, so that her home smells like vanilla when she gets back from vacations.

tin scented candles india

5. A Good Book and Green Tea

Traveling in countries like Europe or Asia means a lot of downtime on subways, trains and waiting for short flights or switching between the terminals to catch the connecting flights. You could read a book about the next city that you’re visiting, or a book on the great food of that particular place. You can also carry along some green tea or detox tea to flush out the toxins (that you probably got while munching that lip-smacking street food).

green tea

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