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LIGHTHAUS : 5 Dirty Little Secrets About Scented Candle Industries!


The candle market is flooded with competition, and millions of candles are sold every year. Some come from luxury fragrance boutiques, some from large-scale manufacturers and some from small-scale entrepreneurs, the candle making process is the same for everyone but some use premium quality materials because they want to serve the best to their customers and some try to trick them by manipulating with the candle making process and they have been easily getting away with it, as the targeted customers might not possess in-depth knowledge about scented candles. This is why we decided to come up with 5 Dirty secrets about scented candle industries you should know:

 Claiming Toxic Scented Candles to be Natural Aromatherapy

 Some candle makers claim scented candles to be aromatherapy candles but there is a huge difference between both of them. Scented Candles are made with paraffin wax, whereas aromatherapy candles are made with natural soy, vegetable, and beeswax. Scented candles contain synthetic fragrance oils paired with synthetic waxes, aromatherapy candles contain natural essential oils paired with natural wax and posses therapeutic benefits. What people don’t know is that synthetic wax and oils can cause irritation in olfactory senses, people who have asthma or are sensitive to fragrances may experience some allergic reaction.

  Playing with the Word “Blend”

 Scented candles are generally made of different type of wax blends that may be solely paraffin or a blend of paraffin wax and other waxes. Aromatherapy candles or natural candles are made of 100% soy, vegetable or palm wax. How some candle makers fool you is, they play with the word “blend”, so the candles are labeled as “made with soy blend.” Apparently, since these candles contain 51% natural and 49% artificial wax, they legally can be sold as natural candles but this statement could not be further far from the truth.

 Candles Which Are Dipped In Color Only From Outside

 Did you ever get lurked by a candle’s color, and you were in shock when you burned the candle because the outer colored part started melting down while revealing some white wax from inside? Some candle makers lurk in people with beautiful colored candles and by playing it very smart to save the costs. So these dip-dyed candles do not carry the color throughout, these candles are just dipped in wax so they look beautiful from outside but things take an ugly turn when these candles are burned.

 Scented Candles in Which Only the Top Layer Has Fragrance

 This one is quite tricky because it took us some time and research to find the hidden truth behind this one. Usually, jar candles fall in this category, candle makers take an unscented jar candle and spray or pour some fragrance oil on the top. So, when people burn it, they smell the fragrance for the initial few hours but when the top layer melts, the remaining fragrance oil forms a layer around the edges. After the first burn, the scent throw decreases with each burn because a scented candle is supposed to carry 8-10% fragrance oil throughout but when only 2% fragrance oil is poured or sprayed on top, there is no consistency in the fragrance and you might not smell it at all after burning the candle 2 or 3 times.

 Selling Candles with Toxic Lead Wicks That is Hazardous to Health.

 When people buy scented candles, a wick is the most overlooked things because more attention is paid to color, fragrance or design. However, a candle’s wick plays the most critical role in the entire burning process. In candle making, a wick plays the most important part because it pumps wax (fuel) to the flame. To ease out things, some candle makers’ pair cheap and toxic lead wicks with candles irrespective of the wax and candle type. Scented candles that have lead wicks create toxic smoke that is harmful to health and makes the surroundings

We hope that the above points helped you in understanding the Dirty Little Secrets About Scented Candle Industries. So, now you won’t get carried away by just looking at the beautiful candles but would take their quality into consideration. If you are still unable to find the right quality scented, then browse through Lighthaus Candles at, where you will find an extensive range of fragranced candles online in mesmerizing aromas.  



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