LIGHTHAUS : Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas to Make Your Partner Feel Special-Lighthaus Candle

LIGHTHAUS : Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas to Make Your Partner Feel Special

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, the perfect time to show affection and love to your partner in the most beautiful and expressive ways. We are so busy and caught up in our lives that we just forget to show how much our partners mean to us, so this valentine’s just take out some time to express how much you adore and care for your partner. It doesn’t really have to be a luxurious date night at a five-star hotel, you can just give a cute romantic décor to each corner of your home and plan something really exciting that will bring the two of you closer. So, this Valentine’s bring love to your home with these décor ideas:           

1. A Romantic Coffee Date

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 Plan a romantic coffee date for your partner at the ease of your home. You can decorate your living room walls with all of your cute couple pictures, decorate your sofas with red and white throw pillows. For decorating coffee tables, make cute hearts using heart shaped tealight candles or you can just add a heart-shaped pillar candle in the middle of the table with some pink and red macaroons, heart-shaped muffins and chocolates.  For more fun just ask them these questions throughout the coffee date:

  1. Do you prefer expresso, French Press, Cappuccino, cold brew or instant coffee the most?
  2. Do you prefer hot or iced coffee?
  3. Caramel or mocha flavors?
  4. Do you like chain coffee shops (like Starbucks and CCD) or individually owned coffee shops like (Blue Tokai or United Coffee House?
  5. How many cups of coffee do you drink on a daily basis?
  6. Does coffee help you relax or perk you up? If Yes then How?
  7. At what age you had your first cup of coffee?
  8. What made you release that you’re a coffee addict?

    2. How About a Candle Light Dinner at Home?

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     Because dinner dates at restaurants are too mainstream, this time plan something more personal for your honey. No, it’s just not about women cooking meals for their partners, men can also trying their hands at cooking. So, cook your partner’s favorite dish along with a tempting sweet dish like a heart-shaped red velvet cheesecake? Then decorate your dining area with unscented red taper candles paired with metallic candle holders. Place some fresh roses in vases and gather some mercury speckled votive candles around them for the perfect ambiance as they create intricate flickering reflections in dark. Candles will highlight your partner’s best feature and blur out all the distractions, so you can focus on your partner.

    3. Valentine’s is Incomplete Without Some Bedroom Action

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     So, spice up your bedroom romance sessions this time by playing with your room’s décor and by giving it a romantic theme.  Start with changing the sheets, opt for white or beige linen or satin sheets because they look and feel amazing, add some soft throw pillows with a dash of red. You can make a heart on the bed with rose petals and write I <3 U on the floor with heart-shaped tealights. Place some scented rose carved pillar candles on side tables, the sweet yet sensual rose fragrance and the warm glow of candlelight will surely help both of you in surrendering to each other.

    4. Plan a Spa at Home Session for Your Partner

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     This one is the most exciting because not many people have got the chance to experience this level of intimacy.  Get some jasmine essential oil and mix it with an unscented carrier oil like almond because jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac and its aroma arouses you. If you have a Jacuzzi or bathtub in your bathroom then place some rose scented glass votive and heart-shaped tealight candles around it. Keep clean bathrobes, towels ready along with some champagne or wine and strawberries with chocolate syrup. When your partner gets back to home, give them some neck and back massage with jasmine massage oil, then jump in the bathtub or Jacuzzi, which is full of pink bathing bombs and rose petals for a steamy bath.

    5. Because An Evening in Outdoor Spaces Absolutely Relaxing

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    Plan a romantic evening for your partner at your terrace or lawn. You can write I <3 U with fairy lights or just drop them on the plants. Place some lanterns paired with tealights at the entrance, you can also create a trail or circle of tealights around the tables for giving a magical effect to the whole scenery. For tables, place some fresh flowers followed by red taper candles in clear glass cylindrical vases. A romantic evening is incomplete without some champagne or wine followed by some starters and the main course, also don’t forget about the sweet dish.

    We hope that you liked the above decor ideas, please share your thoughts about the same in comment section and let us know about how you decorated your home on Valentines Day. 

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