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LIGHTHAUS : How Much Should You Spend On A Quality Scented Candle?

Whether you’re unwinding yourself after a long day or planning for a romantic date night, scented candles are just perfect to lighten up the mood. They instantly change the ambiance and transform basic environment to something very special. 

Scented Candles are becoming the new status symbol of luxury and people have started to spend a lot on fragrance candles whether it belongs to a store like Walmart and Target where there are plenty of options available at economical prices or a luxury fragrance boutique like Jo Malone or Diptique. But after burning those pricey and luxurious scented candles, some people regret buying them or feel like they’re burning their money but it’s not the case. Some people have asked us what makes scented candles so expensive, so we decided to clear your thoughts. Here are 5 reasons why good quality scented candles cost a few extra bucks:

1. Type of Fragrance

For most luxury candle companies, it usually starts with the type and quality of fragrances. Where perfumes are loaded with fragrance oils that smell good but a candle is a precise fabrication of oils that not only smell good but also burn well. Some use natural essential oils to scent their candles and some use synthetically derived fragrance oils. But just because they’re synthetically derived does not mean that they’re cheap. It’s just that some fragrances cannot be naturally derived, for example, every women’s favorite Chanel No.5 perfume. The amount of fragrance oils that go in a candle is more than what goes into perfumes but still, the value of candle is perceived to be lower than the fragrance. If brands started selling these luxurious scented candles at cheap prices then they wouldn’t be able to even cover the cost of production.

2. Type of Wax

There many types of candle waxes and the most commonly used are paraffin, soy, and beeswax. The value of a scented candle also depends upon the type of waxes candle makers have used while crafting candles. The ones that are available at economical prices are the ones made with paraffin wax, followed by the ones that are made with soy wax blend (51% natural soy and 49% synthetic wax blend). At last the most expensive candles are the ones made with 100% pure soy or beeswax because they’re natural and eco-friendly.

3. Burn Time

If you run out of your scented candles too soon then this might be a sign that you’ve invested in a cheap low-quality scented candle. Premium quality fragrance candles come with extended burn time and burn for longer durations as compared to the average ones.  A premium quality candle will have the perfect combination of a high-quality wax, lead-free cotton wick and fragrance oils specially created for candles, making a candle burn for longer as compared to low-quality candles. Candles made from natural waxes such as soy or beeswax also tend to burn for longer hours as compared to paraffin candles, thus making them worth the price.

4. Type of Wick

This is one of the most overlooked features in any candle but plays a major part in the performance of a candle. Candles with low-quality lead wicks are available at a cheaper price but are harmful to health. Whereas 100 % cotton wick candles come with high performance and are eco-friendly. Two or three wicked candles or candles with wooden wick are supposed to be expensive as compared to the regular ones, as they help a candle to burn more evenly and hence, spread more fragrance in the air.

5. Size

The size of a candle is also one of the most common factors that affect the cost of a candle, a bigger scented candle needs more fragrance oils, more wax and larger container and thicker wick. So the price of a scented candle goes up in proportion to its size but eventually, it will be a long-term investment because it will last for weeks or months.  

We think that your thoughts must have been cleared by now after reading this article about why Jo Malone's or Diptique's scented candles cost so much. But there are a lot of options available in the market that will make your home luxurious at a decent price. So, what are you waiting for? Go, discover your favorite scent. 

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