LIGHTHAUS : Oud - The Hottest Fragrance for Men! Find Out Why Luxury Brands Are Going Gaga Over It-Lighthaus Candle

LIGHTHAUS : Oud - The Hottest Fragrance for Men! Find Out Why Luxury Brands Are Going Gaga Over It

Did you know? Oud is one of the most expensive woods and fragrance oil across the globe, it is also known as liquid gold. Oud is linked to wealth and power, it is very popular in Asia and the Middle East but its popularity among western world has increased quite drastically. It resulted in a revolution of luxury perfume brands, earlier oud was only used as a base note in perfumes and fragrances but lately, fragrance experts are bringing it to the forefront. Brands like Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Versace, and Giorgio Armani have come up with dedicated Oud centric perfumes and EDT’s. The common thing they share is that oud is being used as the main ingredient for the fragrance composition followed by other ingredients serving as the supplementary or base notes. This broke the monotony of oud - the chosen one for base notes and replaced it with Oud- the fragrance of luxury. But why all of a sudden perfume experts started seeing oud in a new light? What brought this change? We will reveal the secret behind this…

Oud Takes You to an Intimate Level of Olfactory Experience!

The perfume industry is surely worth billions of dollars and helps people to express their personality by giving them a signature fragrance that matches and reflects their taste. Recently the market got flooded with oud based fragrances, which are of course very expensive. However, though the ingredient has its roots in Asia and the Middle East, it’s making its way to the western countries.

What is oud?

It’s a very expensive wood resin, which is formed when a certain type of tree is attacked by mold or fungus. The name of the tree is Aquilaria that grows in China, Japan, Vietnam, and Middle East Countries. The whole process takes hundreds of years and the resin is not ready to be extracted until it gets fully matured. The wood turns dark brown or black in color on becoming matured, it has a very powerful fragrance that lasts longer than any other fragrance. Oud is known as the scent of Arabia, Arabs and Persians have rituals in which large sheets of agarwood were burned making the whole town encompassed in the mystical fragrance.

Oud is the deal maker or deal breaker for some, it is one of those fragrances that some people either love or hate. For some, it is like a seductive elixir that turns them on and for some, it’s a just a stinky element. Oud takes you to an intimate level of olfactory experience, the overpowering yet mysterious aroma is capable enough of making any man feel like more of a man, bringing all the ladies attention. As they say, “Good manners and good cologne is what transfers a man into gentlemen”, it goes the same when a woman picks you. As women are blessed with good olfactory senses, they remember and differentiate their man by the cologne they wear or a unique body odor that each one of us has. A classic cologne is all you need to turn on any women, the stronger the fragrance the more chances a man has to sweep away any women off her feet. Maybe now we know why all high-end luxury brands decided to launch their own version of Oud perfumes all of a sudden.

Oud and Bergamot scented candle is a must have if you love fragrances, men can use it to make their room or office smell more masculine and women can gift it to their men to finally make them fall in love with scented candles or burn them in the home if your partner has been complaining about your too flowery home fragrances or air fresheners. 

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