LIGHTHAUS : This Is How Your Brain Reacts To Fragrance Candles? Find Out Why-Lighthaus Candle

LIGHTHAUS : This Is How Your Brain Reacts To Fragrance Candles? Find Out Why

Fragrance plays an important role in our lives and olfaction, the sense of smell is one of the most important senses among our six senses. But have you ever wondered our lives without our olfactory senses, how would that be? Probably, it must get very boring and unhappening. Most of the times smell is the first sign of a warning, danger or safety like friend or foe, fragrances have the hidden power to drive our behavior. This is why certain fragrances like the smell of food make you hungry, the smell of fresh flowers make you happy or the smell of trash make you feel disgusted. This is how our brain makes us react to certain fragrances and we will tell you why it happens:

Ever Wondered Why Are We So Sensitive To Fragrances?

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Just like when we come in contact with different things, our brain stores those feelings and that particular experience so that when in future if we come in contact to the same thing we can avoid it if the experience was negative or would like to experience again if it had a positive impact. You must have experienced walking past a bakery and suddenly got transported to the days when you used to love apple pie or chocolate chip cookies. The same thing happens with fragrances, some people may like certain fragrances that some people may hate or dislike.

How Smell Affects Our Spending Patterns?

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Did you ever get tempted to buy that shower gel or body mist, which was way more highly priced than others just because of its fragrance? Yeah, this is a human tendency and we not only get attracted to things that look good but also the ones that smell amazing. According to Chicago University, more than 84% shoppers found the identical new shoes more attractive when they were showcased in a room with a nice aroma as compared to the one with no fragrance at all, also the shoes were priced with an extra $10 dollars.

 How Does A Fragrance Affect Our Mood?

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According to numerous researches and studies, fragrance has a very distinct effect on our mood. Fragrance also plays an important role when you find yourself attracted to a particular person whether it’s of the opposite or same gender. We are more likely to be attracted to someone who smells good as compared to a person with a bad body odor. There is a wide range of fragrances in this universe and they hold the same universal effect on each of us, some may help us to relax, some may make us more focused or some even may make us easily fall asleep.

 How Can We Use Fragrance To Enhance Well-being?

 As we mentioned above, the choice of fragrance may vary from an individual to individual, it is one’s own personal choice. You can discover your favorite scent by observing how a particular fragrance made you feel. If you are not sure about which fragrance to start from or how you may react to a certain fragrance then here we will share our insights about six universal fragrances and how they will make you feel.


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Rose is the symbol of love and beauty, the history dates back to the Medieval Greek and Roman era where it was linked to Venus – the goddess of love. Rose has natural aphrodisiac properties and it evokes emotions, the fragrance will captivate your senses while awakening intimate feelings between you and your partner. So, whenever you want to arouse your partner’s wildest side, just burn a rose scented candle.


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Does those Monday blues get the better of you while reducing your productivity for the entire week? Then it’s high time you should introduce yourself to something that will boost your productivity at work, how about some fresh citrus fragrances. Citrus fragrances like orange, lemon or bergamot have calming effects on the mind, it can make you feel reenergized and more alert. So, you get anxious during interviews or dates then just take a whiff of orange to boost your confidence levels.


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We all have been eating peppermint gums to freshen up our mouth or breath and it makes you feel energetic in a while. Peppermint fragrance is cool and fresh, it helps you in getting rid of dizziness the invigorating aroma of peppermint helps in keeping mental fatigue at bay, it also helps in reducing headaches. This fragrance will make you more relaxed and full of liveliness with its soothing effects on the mind. Just burn a peppermint scented candle or smell some peppermint fragrance for a splurge of energy.


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Do you always find yourself stressed and caught up in your own thoughts even when everything around is pretty alright? Introduce yourself to the magical fragrance of beguiling jasmine, the sweet and divine fragrance is widely used in aroma-therapies, spas, and perfumes. It is one of the most preferred fragrance by everyone, the calming aroma sweeps away uneasiness and stress while bringing your mind, body, and soul in a relaxed state with ease. So, whenever stress brings you down, just light up jasmine scented candle and seize the moment.


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The fragrance of lavender is very refreshing, which boosts mood, helps in battling insomnia. According to studies and researches, the aroma of lavender improves the overall sleep quality by 60 % including the length of sleep, the total time taken to fall asleep and reduced effects of insomnia. Lavender is also used in numerous bath and beauty products because of its relaxing aroma and medicinal properties. Whenever you feel stressed, light up a lavender fragrance candle to unwind. 



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Who doesn’t love freshly baked vanilla cookies or ice cream? We are so familiar with this fragrance since childhood that it doesn’t take a moment for us to recognize it. Apart from being a major ingredient in sweets and baked goods, vanilla is now being used in perfumes, bath and beauty products, and candles. This is because it does not only smell good but has the ability to influence your mood. According to researches conducted by many researchers in the U.S.A, people who were in a room full of vanilla fragrance experienced a sensation of relaxation and joy as compared to the one who was in a room with no fragrance.


We bet you that you didn't know these facts, stay updated to our blogs and we will come up with something new and exciting every week. Just in case you want to buy some quality candles according to your mood then browse through,, where you will find a wide array of scented candles. 





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